What are your qualifications to haul for Atran? How do I get set up?

Carriers must be licensed and can not have an unsatisfactory rating. Must have $1,000,000 in liability insurance and $100,000 or more in cargo insurance. Must have carrier authority and a signed broker/carrier contract on file. In order to get set up please contact Atran by phone or email to get a carrier package.

How do I check on available loads Atran may have?

You can check Atran’s available loads several ways. You can get on Atran’s email list, click on the loads page on Atran’s website, or enter lanes into our system.

How long will take me to get paid?

Atran’s freight payment terms are Net 30 days from receipt of invoice and proof of delivery. Invoices can be faxed or emailed to speed up the process. At this time Atran is not providing Quick Pay service. We recommend looking at factoring companies for quicker payment options.

Do you have consistent lanes we could dedicate trucks to?

Yes – sometimes opportunities do come up where Atran could dedicate trucks for. It would be very helpful to know where your trucks get to frequently. Please let Atran know where you need freight the most by entering the lanes here: LINK Atran will contact you when these lanes come up.

What are your dispatch hours?

Monday – Friday
7AM – 5PM Eastern Standard Time
800-272-5109 Ext. 1

Do you discourage double brokering?

Yes – Atran likes to verify that each carrier has proper licensing and insurance. It’s important to Atran that the actual carrier, that hauled the load, is getting paid for the shipment.