Trucks Park Here: New Access to Truck Parking Availability

Access to safe and convenient parking is essential for an efficient transportation network. Unfortunately, truck drivers frequently have issues finding safe areas to rest. A survey found that eighty-five percent of drivers said that parking was the biggest cause for stress at work. This comes as no surprise since truck drivers can often find themselves spending close to an hour or more searching for a place to safely park.

In response to this concern, a group of midwestern states—Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin—joined together to develop a new system to give drivers access to real-time parking availability. The Truck Parking Information and Management System—referred to as Trucks Park Here—will help commercial trucker drivers capitalize on the region’s safe, convenient parking areas through highway signs, smartphone apps, and websites all in relevant time.

This new system is projected to generate over $403 million in benefits and will increase highway safety by reducing the number of fatigued drivers and the amount of drivers who are forced to park in unsafe areas like highway ramps.

The Trucks Park Here system is said to become fully operational by the end of January. States like Minnesota and Ohio are already providing truck drivers with parking information.

You can learn more about the Trucks Park Here initiative here.