ELD Mandate

It’s December 1st, do you know what’s going on with the ELD mandate?

At Atran Freight, we strive to stay on top of new and changing developments within the Freight Industry. Recently, a new ELD (electronic logging device) mandate has been in the works and will go into effect this month. The ELD mandate begins on December 18th, but truck drivers will not be put out of service if they don’t comply right away. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have put a grace period into effect until April 1st.

ELDs are devices that link to a truck’s engine to capture movement. It records how much time truckers are spending behind the wheel. Federal law currently limits truck drivers to 11 hours of driving per day and federal regulators, as well as large freight companies, are pushing for ELD adoption in an effort to stop driver cheating on paper logs. In addition to keeping track of driving time, ELDs will also maintain a record of that data that can be reviewed by commercial vehicle inspectors during roadside inspections. All drivers must be able to show their driving data from the current through the last seven days.

These regulations will ultimately decrease the amount of time truckers can drive, which in turn decreases the number of available trucks for moving freight. For more information about the ELD mandate, and how it will affect your business, visit trucks.com