Infographic: A Life With No Trucks

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 9-15, was established to set aside time to honor all professional truck drivers for the time and hard work they put into their positions. Trucking is one of America’s most demanding and important jobs, and people often overlook the importance of the industry. These professional men and women deliver our goods unharmed, securely, and on time while keeping our roads safe.

We always talk about how important truck drivers are, but what would happen if trucks ceased to exist? In just 24 hours, hospitals would run out of common items. After 2-3 days, food shortages would escalate. Within a week, travel would decrease and stop due to the lack of fuel for cars and trucks. After two weeks and more, the entire nation would exhaust its clean water supply. Yikes! To better demonstrate the importance of our truck drivers, we created the infographic with additional facts below.

A huge thank you to the professional men and women that continue to keep our goods moving. We appreciate you!

Truck Infographic