A World without Freight Brokers

According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, 83% of all shippers outsource their domestic transportation needs as of October 2017. Researchers also found that a quarter of all shippers use a 3PL to plan and manage their foreign and domestic transportation logistics. Now, consider for a moment, what a world without freight brokers would look like for your business. It wouldn’t look very good, in our opinion. Without freight brokers, like Atran, the freight industry would be slower, expensive, and full of dissatisfied customers.

Imagine having to use your current staff to take on additional responsibilities well outside the realm of their expertise. Your team will have to learn an entirely new set skills. They will need time to find, create, and foster relationships with multiple carriers and thoroughly understand efficient routing, permitting, and more. Additionally, your staff has to constantly stay on top of what freight is available when and to what location. Then your team needs to make sure everything runs smoothly and in a timely manner, otherwise shipments will just sit at the loading docks and not make it to their final destinations.    

No freight brokers means the overhead cost of freight will increase and shippers will end up spending more than half of their transportation budget on outsourced transportation services. Shippers will need to invest in a routing and scheduling software that can find and communicate with carriers, track and organize pick-up and delivery windows, truck capacities, and load configurations such as LDL and intermodular. They will also need to be have access to current safety records; this is crucial to reducing fuel costs, negotiating rates, and mitigating legal vulnerabilities through compliance. All of this is on top of ensuring the freight arrives to its destination on time.   

The best freight brokers are able to strike a balance with shippers and carriers to promote close, dependable, cross-functional relationships. At Atran, our job is to find efficient transportation for our clients. We take great pride in providing comprehensive, old-fashioned customer service for Truckload and LTL shipments into, out of, and throughout the Midwest.