Infographic: Unwrapping Holiday Shopping Habits

During the holiday season, retailers see a significant increase in demand and sales as customers flock to stores and e-commerce websites to purchase gifts for their family and friends. According to the National Retail Federation, 55% of consumers plan on doing their holiday shopping online and 51% will travel to discount stores to make their purchases. This year, approximately 94% of these consumers say they’ll take advantage of the free shipping promotions that online retailers offer. Overall, consumers plan on spending over $1,000 on average this holiday season.

The trucking industry works behind the scenes to transport merchandise to retailers, distribution centers, and consumers. Without truck drivers, the holiday season wouldn’t see the success that it does each year. We gathered some data and created an infographic to illustrate the impact holiday shopping has. As always, take a moment to thank a truck driver for their hard work this holiday season.