Trucker Path App

Atran is a mid-Michigan freight broker; we take great pride in providing comprehensive, old-fashioned customer service for Truckload and LTL shipments into, out of, and throughout the Midwest. A new crowd-sourced trucker app has recently broke through on the digital landscape and seems to be a useful tool for the companies we work with here at Atran Freight. Trucker Path is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

500,000 drivers use Trucker Path to discover important information like parking availability, rest areas, and more. Your truck drivers will be able to find thousands of branded and independent truck stops as well as see reviews of those stops by other truck drivers. Trucker Path offers real-time updates on rest areas, weigh stations, and fuel prices. Your truck drivers can plan their trip, navigate to points of interest such as low clearance passages, find fuel stops, and discover more than 400 wash locations including Blue Beacon locations, independent wash stations, and trailer wash outs. All the information on Trucker Path is updated in real-time by real truckers, so your drivers can rest assured they’re being shown only the most relevant and reliable information.