Happy Star Wars Day

Today, May Fourth, is Star Wars day, and to celebrate here are three facts you may not have known about the Millennium Falcon.

  1. It’s actually a cargo ship! The Millennium Falcon was originally a YT-1300 light freighter with a cargo capacity of 25-100 metric tons. The freight trucks today can’t hold as much as the Falcon, but they can pull some serious weight. 

  2. Every Star Wars fan knows how the Falcon famously won the Kessel run with the fastest completion time, but did you know that the Kessel run is a race designed for cargo vessels? In order to finish the run, ships had to deliver cargo to waiting trade ships before they crossed into Imperial Space. At Atran, we “race” to ensure our customers’ cargo makes it to their final destinations on time.  

  3. Repairs, repairs, repairs. Just like today’s freight trucks need to stay in tip-top shape at all times, the Millennium Falcon required a lot of repairs in order to remain functional.

Freighters in the Star Wars universe, like the Millennium Falcon, transported all sorts of cargo across the galaxies. As a mid-Michigan freight broker, our job at Atran is to ensure all of our customers’ cargo is successfully transported across this small galaxy, the United States. We ship freight across the East Coast star belt, to the far off planets of California, Texas, and Florida, and even into the planet Ontario of our sister galaxy, Canada.

May the fourth be with you!

Bonus Fact: The Millennium Falcon’s shape was designed after Lucas’ half-eaten hamburger!