MI Roads: Construction Season

If you’ve lived in Michigan for at least a year, then you know two things to be true: 1. our weather can’t make up its mind and 2. we only have two seasons, Winter and Construction. As it’s October now, we’re currently in the transition process from Construction season to Winter. Here are some tips for driving safely during these last few months of Construction season.

Obey the Speed Limit!

This is probably the most obvious, and easiest, means to safely drive a large semi truck through construction. It’s always smart to drive at or below the posted speed limits in a construction zone because you may have to make tight turns or quickly stop for other vehicles. Keep it slow and you’ll keep it safe.  

Give Yourself Plenty of Room.

As a truck driver, you already know how important it is to leave extra space between your truck and the other vehicles on the road. Given the near constant stopping and going that drivers experience while passing through construction, rear-end collisions are more likely to occur. Although it’s not possible to control the actions of drivers behind you, you can stay safe by leaving more distance than usual between yourself and the car in front of you.   

Ignore the Construction and Just Focus on the Road.

There are a lot of moving distractions in construction zones such as workers, tools, and big construction vehicles. It can be incredibly easy to be distracted by one or more of these things when driving through, but you need to do your best to ignore it and maintain focus on the road ahead of you.

Keep an Eye Out for Flaggers!

One of the most important things you can do while driving in a construction zone is to be on the lookout for flaggers. In Michigan, we always have ongoing road construction. As these projects advance towards their completion, routes and detours often change. Sometimes they even change daily! Often road workers are posted to direct the flow of traffic because it’s easier than putting up temporary traffic signs. Remember, flaggers have the same level of authority as traffic signals and signs. Disobeying them is a serious traffic violation.


Just Drive and Remember to Breathe.

When navigating construction zones, there will be tight roads, irresponsible drivers, traffic jams, and a deadline to meet. But getting angry or irritated will not help you in these situations. At all. The best thing for you to do while driving in the stressful environment of a construction zone is to take a deep breath, relax, and keep trucking along safely.    

Both the Construction and Winter season pose hazardous conditions for freight truckers. Follow these simple tips, and use your own common knowledge, to stay safe on the roads as the Construction season comes to a close. Stay tuned for Atran Freight's Tips for Safe Winter Driving, coming this November!