Pumpkin Day!

Happy Pumpkin Day from Atran Freight! Here in Michigan, Fall is by far the prettiest (and yummiest) time of year. The leaves change color, harvest festivals are in swing, apple orchards with cider and donuts come to life, and, of course, all things pumpkin make their long-awaited return! To celebrate the Fall season and Pumpkin Day, we asked our sales team and dispatchers what their favorite Pumpkin-related things were.

“I like all the little different colored small pumpkins (green, whites, orange etc) that are used for table decorations and around the house. It brings in the Fall time and Thanksgiving feel. I'm not a starbucks pumpkin latte kind of dude...lol so I don't have any pumpkin drinks to mention. Unless there's a pumpkin eggnog, then I'd probably go for some of that lol. And Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip!” — Brent W.

“I always like a little bit of pumpkin pie with my whip cream.” — Patrick P.

“I love to make pumpkin cookies and muffins.  I wash it down with pumpkin spice coffee!” — Justine W.

“When summer flowers fade, there's always mums to brighten up the home! Raking leaves, then watching children jump in the pile & make more messes! The smell of pumpkin spiced candles is always refreshing. :)” — Becky S.

Enjoy Pumpkin Day, everyone! We sure will.

— Atran Freight